Jyothi Vedurada   Name and Address

I am an assistant professor at the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Hyderabad. My research interests are program analysis, program understanding, automated concurrency testing, and high-performance computing. Prior to joining IIT Hyderabad, I was a post-doctoral researcher at Microsoft Research Lab, Bangalore. I received my PhD (+M.Tech) from IIT Madras, supported by the TCS PhD fellowship. Before that, I worked as a Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard, Chennai.


M.tech Students

Saim Khan Saim Khan
Project: Efficient ANN on GPUs

Note: I am looking for both graduate and undergraduate students with good programming skills and are broadly interested in topics such as program analysis, programming languages, concurrency testing, compiler optimizations, parallelization, etc.

  • "Distinguished Reviewer Award" for the work on the OOPSLA 2019 Artifact Evaluation PC.

  • "Institute Research Award" in recognition of my PhD thesis work.

  • Tata Consultancy Services PhD fellowship.

  • Ranked 1st in the Student Parallel Programming Challenge hosted by IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC) 2016.

  • "STAR TA Award" for contributing as a Teaching Assistant at IIT Madras.

  • Awarded ACM SIGAI, ACM-India/IARCS, Microsoft Research India travel grants (to attend ASE 2019); Microsoft Research India travel grant and ACM SIGPLAN PAC funding (for OOPSLA 2018); IEEE TCPP funding and ACM-India/IARCS travel grant (for IPDPS 2018); ACM SIGSOFT CAPS funding (for ICSE 2017); Student travel grants (for HiPC 2016 & IPDPS 2015).

      Invited Talks
  • Efficient Points-to Analysis Techniques Suitable for Resource-Bound Environments. The 1st Software Engineering Research in India (SERI) Update Meeting, sponsored by the India Chapter of SIGSOFT Special Interest Group of ACM. IISc Bengaluru, July 2019.

  • Identifying Refactoring Opportunities for Replacing Type Code with Subclass and State -- An Application of Program Analysis. Presented at Program Analysis (CS6843) course in IIT Madras.